Check in and check out

Check-in Camping at 12 noon
Check-in Cabin at 2 p.m.
Check-in Glamping at 3 p.m.

Check-out Camping at 12 noon
Check-out Cabin and Glamping at 11 am

At reception you can rent

Bed linen 75 Sek. / set

Towels 50 Sek. / set                                

More than 4 people

If you have more than 4 people in your motorhome, caravan or tent, it costs 30 Sek. extra / person.


Dogs are warmly welcome and must be connected at the campsite. Dog poop bags are available for purchase at the reception.

If you want to rent a cabin and bring a dog, there is a one-time cost of 100 Sek. for the dog. 


Open fire only allowed on the barbecue area at the reception. Small portable grills are available to borrow for those who need. Charcoal and ash must be emptied into the intended bin at the garbage station. Disposable grills are prohibited in the area.


If you need to wash, you book an appointment and pay at the reception.

Sleep well!

Show consideration for each other and be calm and quiet at the campsite between 23-08 so we all can wake up refreshed and happy.

Service building

The service building is cleaned 3 times a day, in between we all help out to keep it clean and tidy. Children under 10 years must go in company with an adult to the Shower / WC areas.


At the garbage station, there are various containers for waste management.
Food waste thrown in special containers and waste bags can be picked up at the reception.